“The Camera Adds 10 Pounds” Isn’t A Myth! See How Distance Affects The Final Picture

Have you ever wondered about the difference you see in pictures versus what you see in the mirror? Trying to get the “perfect” selfie seems impossible, but your friends and family post pictures that look perfectly natural! Why is that? It has to do with the fact that cameras work a lot differently than our eyeballs, and for a bit of perspective on the issue, check out these photographs.

Each photo was taken with a different sized lenses at the same distance. The results may explain the difference you see in a picture as opposed to what you are seeing in the mirror!

While it may be subtle at first, this guy doesn’t actually have such a large nose – the lens makes it seem bigger than it actually is!He’s starting to look a bit more natural. This is because our eyes are very similar to a 30 – 60 mm camera lens! And now, you can tell that he’s getting a bit larger.In case you didn’t catch it, compare the largest lens to the smallest! Do you see what a difference it makes? Those “ten pounds” might not exist, but it sure does seem like it!

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