The Cabbie Who Returned $187,000 Just Got An INCREDIBLE Reward!

Do you remember this story we ran a while ago about the aging cab driver who discovered $187,000 in a customer’s abandoned backpack? He went through a lot of trouble to return it to the formerly homeless man who neglected to keep track of his incredibly valuable belongings and caused the cab driver to waste most of his day trying to do the right thing by returning it. In return, the man was persuaded (begrudgingly, apparently) to give the cab driver a reward, to which he handed the man $100.

Well, it turns out that a lot of other people were upset at that man’s actions as well. How could he have forgotten the cab driver, been chased down to return his fortune, and only give the man $100 as a tip? That barely covered the cab ride and the half-hour waiting in front of the hotel…not to mention the time spent at the police station! He could have made a lot more if he had let the man fend for himself and gone about his day driving people around town for the hours that he wasted trying to help.7.13a4

A 7-day Royal Caribbean cruise was offered to him, but it didn’t stop there. People heard about the ordeal and learned that the man was in his late 70’s and still working, living on social security benefits and whatever money he could make on the side through the cab company. They didn’t like it and decided to start a fundraiser.

So far, they have raised over $3,000 and the number is still climbing. In this case, it paid to do the right thing!

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