The Banker Couldn’t Stop Laughing When This Blonde Tried To Get A Loan! This Is The Best Blonde Joke I’ve Ever Heard!

Hey, I’ve heard a lot of blonde jokes in my time here on the internet. Everywhere you turn, there’s a joke that revolves around a stereotype, and to be fair, there are probably more blonde jokes out there than any other kind. But here it is, as I write this introduction, I have found the best one out of all of them. And it’s not for the reasons that you would think…


You know what makes this joke one of the BEST “blonde jokes” out there? The fact that it IS a blonde joke throws you off – you never expect the ending! You think, “oh, it’s a blonde joke, she’s probably dumb” and so you wait for the punchline…only the punchline is on YOU because this smart and savvy woman fooled them all when they decided to judge her by her appearance. I was certainly fooled the first time I read this joke – serves me right! Although I highly doubt her interest on a $5,000.00 loan would be only $15.41 in this economy today…but who knows? I’m not a banker. This joke is the best. Take that, stereotypes!

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