The Assignment Was Meant To Make The Students Think Outside Of The Box. This Kid NAILED It!

Grade school is a time to try out anything and everything to find out what is the most important in life. Some kids discover a love of science or literature. Some kids discover a hatred for mathematics or art. And some kids end up discovering a lot more about themselves than they bargained for by complete accident! This is one such story. After receiving what seemed like a simple assignment, one student found herself asking questions that didn’t have answers…and in a way, they aren’t really questions at all.

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This student is looking for answers that don’t exist. The meaning of life is an elusive answer – some will argue that the meaning of life is just to love. Some say that life is just “living.” But some, like this clever student, are very positive that “the meaning of life” is the ability to simply ask the big questions. Animals don’t spend their time pondering the universe. The ants don’t stop to think about their role in their colony. The wind doesn’t care where it blows. That’s something that only humans do. So when this student asked the big questions, she knew that there wouldn’t be any answers. But that’s the beauty of it all – the wonder is in the ability to question¬†everything.¬†

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