The Aftermath Of His Facebook Post CHANGED One Unassuming Homeless Man’s LIFE!

When we see someone begging on the streets, thinking about their hopes and dreams is probably the last thing that crosses our mind. We look at their ragged clothing, worn shoes, unwashed hair, and only really focus on their regrets or missed opportunities. It isn’t like they chose to be in this position, but too often, we can’t seem to look past the simple fact that they are in that position. One man decided to have a conversation with a homeless man…and found out that there was a LOT more to the story than the other people ignoring him had thought!


David’s goal is to create a program where homeless vets and their pets can stay united while going through the process of finding homes.”

3.9a5This is a cause that David is passionate about. He’s working toward making this dream a reality. He wants these individuals to stay loyal to the animals that have stayed loyal to them. We don’t often think that the animals are lucky to have found a human to care for them if that human is homeless…but the truth is that they are lucky to have someone who needs them just as much. They are companions for life, and David gets that. David is living that truth every single day.

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