The Added Chicken Wire To These Old Windows And Created The BEST Display For The Living Room!

It all started when her boss removed some old windows from his mother’s house. They had cracked glass and chipping paint, but the second she saw them, she knew that she could turn them into something truly stunning. The first step was to knock out the rest of the glass. A safe way to do this (if your old windows still have glass attached) is to wrap the windows in an old towel, put them in a box, and knock the glass out with a hammer or heavy object.8.31a21Next, she stretched a length of chicken wire across the back of the old windows and had her husband staple the edges down with a staple gun. She trimmed off the excess wire with wire cutters and attached metal hooks to the back. She wanted these to lay as flat as possible against the wall.8.31a22The result? These old, chipped windows have been transformed into a quirky, unique, and EASY way to display family photos! You don’t need to take the frames down and open up the back to swap out a photograph. Just walk up to the frame and wedge the corners of a picture in the holes. The pictures will stay in place because the wire lays against the wall.8.31a23Will you be trying this out at your home? We love how simple this project is! See more details on this project here.


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