The 22 Top Things About Being Single Will Leave You Laughing!

I haven’t been single for some time now, but I can relate to all of these! Being your own person and making decisions on your own has it’s advantages….especially on weeknights when your two favorite shows happen to be playing at the same time and you only have 1 television. While I wouldn’t trade my husband for anything, I showed him this list and he just responded with, “yeah, those were good times, too.” I like this list a lot! It captures the best parts about being on your own.

1. Walking around naked.

2. You really don’t appreciate the entire mattress, until you have it all to yourself.

3. Always knowing what your budget is.

4. Sleeping in.

5. Never having to wait to use the bathroom.

6. Precious silence.

7. Don’t have to compromise about anything. I had to sit through Cinderella and a thousand chick flicks just because my ex wanted to watch them. Now, I watch Cinderella because I want to watch it.

8. Never arguing with anyone.

9. Less broken stuff to fix.

10. If you want to go somewhere you just walk out the door.

11. What’s for dinner isn’t a debate.

12. Your schedule is wide open.

13. The mess can wait until tomorrow.

14. Drinking out of the containers is OK.

15. There’s an event and I don’t wanna go to it? I don’t go.

16. I decide at the last minute to just grab my coat and zoom downtown do to whatever? I can.

17. I want to dance in my living room, sing off-key and do horrible beat-box at the top of my lungs past midnight? I sure as hell can.

18. Watching an entire movie without being interrupted or having to explain it to someone.

19. All of the restaurants just became half off.

20. I don’t have to text anyone all the time.

21. Not shaving.

22. Most of your friends will soon have babies. They will have babies. You will have a gin and tonic.

What this list doesn’t cover are those moments in the middle of the night when you hear a noise outside and don’t want to investigate it yourself. It doesn’t mention the fact that you don’t have an instant spider-killer available 24/7 (yes, I hate spiders). It also doesn’t mention the times when I get sick and need that one thing from the diner across the way to make me feel better but my head hurts to much to drive and get it myself. Regardless, this list made me chuckle…being married won’t stop me from dancing like a crazy person in the living room to my favorite songs at midnight!

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