The 20 BEST Things In Life, Hands Down! I Love #11!

So often in life, bad things happen. Missing the bus and end up late for work, spilling coffee on our shirt just before leaving the house, getting a flat tire late at night, and realizing that you forgot to pay the electricity bill are just the tip of the ice berg. Sure, not every day is filled to the brim with bad tidings, but not every day is filled with good things either. Just because you weren’t fired doesn’t mean that it was the best day ever.

But these mediocre and bad days make all of the good things that much better! How great is a nice hot shower after being stuck out shoveling snow all morning? And a delicious homemade meal after running what seems like a thousand errands before going to bed? Indescribable. Some creative people got together and wrote down all of their favorite things…and they are perfect!


This list is enough to make even the grumpiest of people smile when they happen! Call it good luck or a deserved reward, it still makes living through the bad times tolerable at the very least. A personal favorite? When the ice cream shop has just opened a bucket of my favorite flavor and I get that very first, soft, creamy scoop! What’s your favorite feeling in life?

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