That’s Not Photoshop! This Cat Is Missing Half Of Its Face, But One Woman Loves Him Anyway!

After hearing strange noises coming from underneath her front porch, she decided to see what was going on. It was a cold night in November of 2013, and she knew that the cat was just trying to keep warm. She tried everything that she could think of to coax the cat out from under her house, but nothing was working.

Eventually, he grew accustomed to her and came to say ‘hello…’ and that is when she realized that he probably shouldn’t even have been alive. The cat was missing part of its face!She immediately brought him to a local rescue group to get him the help that he needed. His left ear and a large chunk of his face was just gone – most likely due to climbing into a car’s engine to escape the cold – and had lost vision in his left eye as a result.

The veterinarian did her best, and three months later, Van Gogh, the cat with a missing ear, slowly healed. He gained confidence and began to socialize more. When his wounds were completely recovered, he was placed into the no-cage area of the shelter where he got along perfectly with the other cats.

He lived at the shelter for the next four years until two of the volunteers just couldn’t bear to leave him when they left. They took him in and adopted him, seeing him for the special cat that he was!

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