That’s It. Dessert Is Ruined FOREVER!! This Pimple Cupcakes Are Grotesque…And People LOVE Them.

Who are these people and what have they done to my cupcakes?! These tasty (and horrific) cupcakes by Blessed by Baking are going viral due to their strange, and disturbingly accurate cupcake designs. They were designed and created for Dr. Sandra Lee, a woman who has a famous YouTube channel dedicated to popping zits, cysts, and blackheads. People can’t get enough of it, and now, they probably can’t get enough of these cupcakes either. Ugh, excuse me while I never eat anything ever again…

The cakes are so realistic that you can actually squeeze them. What oozes out is a bright yellow lemon curd or custard in gory accuracy. Over the weekend, two videos were shared of the cupcakes. On Facebook, the video has been played 6 million times. On Instagram, over 1 million. What is it with pimples and people wanting to watch them pop?! WHY?!7.20a9

They are reported to taste delicious, made with the best ingredients. They look horrendous, but they taste amazing (so says Dr. Lee, at least.)

People are shocked, excited, and have been having mixed reactions. They love Dr. Lee’s videos…but say that they would hesitate before trying one of these cupcakes. They enjoy watching the strange habit, but are understandably reluctant to put any part of this cupcake in their mouths.

Just scrape off the top!” one comment says. “The bottom is still yummy :)”

You know what? I’ll take their word for it. Uhm. No, but thank you.

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