“Thanksgiving Pants” Might Be A Thing Now And People LOVE It

What’s that, you say? You’re tired of feeling strangled by your own pants on Thanksgiving when all of your relatives want you to taste “just one bite” of their signature dish?! If you’ve got 9 aunts and uncles who all have “signature” dishes that you have to eat, where will it all go?! These pants are the answer. Apparently. Yeesh.

In a wildly viral advertisement, this stuffing company decided to make hilarious stretchy pants just for Thanksgiving – a holiday well known for its excessive food – and encourage people to be comfortable while they ate too much.In any other circumstance, a company would never be able to sell something so ridiculous. Maternity pants with a picture of turkey stuffing printed on the waistband? “Are you nuts?” People would say, as they refused to buy them.

Fortunately for this stuffing, the internet loves cheesy pitches, and this hilarious duo in their over-the-top display of how awesome these pants are totally won the hearts of millions.

These outrageous pants were actually for sale and people actually bought them.
While most families dress in autumn colors to take their holiday card photos, there might be a growing trend for families to start dressing a little more comfortably. Possibly in maroon stretchy pants…strictly for turkey purposes.

Well. Now I’ve seen it all.

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