Thanks To This Wine For Your Pets, You Never Have To Drink Alone Again!

Apollo Peak, Ltd. had a dream, and it turned out that thousands of people ended up sharing it. They wanted to create high-quality beverages for our animal friends (while we enjoy ours). They started off with a simple idea and contacted the local farmers in their area, sourcing their ingredients from small shops and farms in central Colorado.

In their “pino-meow” and “mos-cat-o,” ingredients are all-natural. Water, organic catnip, organic beets, and sea salt givethese drinks a taste that your cats will enjoy sipping alongside you. At $4.95 per “glass,” it’s a steal.8.4a9But what about our pups? Now they have created delicious cocktails of chamomile and brewed peppermint with a touch of beet juice for a calming effect.

Some pet owners have expressed concerns about the negative effects that chamomile tea can have on dogs, but the “wine” makers made sure that their beverages were approved by several veterinarians. The vets said that in these quantities, the teas cause no harm to the dogs and will calm them down with no ill side effects.8.4a10Whether you pup prefers a nice “zinfan-tail” or “char-dog-nay,” you don’t have to drink alone! Your pet will enjoy spending a cozy evening on the couch – even if he can’t enjoy your bottle of wine.

Hilarious pictures of owners pretending their dogs are sharing their glasses no longer have to pretend! Buy your pets their very own bottle and let them sip away at the clever beverages made just for animals!8.4a12

Will you be giving your pet a “wine” of their own, or does this seem a little bit silly? (We kind of love it!)

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