Thanks To Old Furniture Donations, These Shelter Dogs Can Still Feel At Home!

A no-kill shelter in Illinois is making waves after people realized what they had been up to! Most shelters have firm cots, bits of old bedding, or newspaper for their animals to use during their stay, but this shelter has taken steps for the cages to feel a bit more inviting. Animals staying in shelters often feel alone and neglected. Some miss their old humans, some have been rescued off of the streets, and some just don’t understand why they are being made to spend large chunks of their days indoors. If that time could be more comfortable, isn’t that a good thing?It all started when one of the dogs made himself comfortable on an old chair that had meant to be thrown out. While the humans had cared that the arms were worn and the finish had faded…the dogs didn’t care at all! In fact, it made the dogs able to relax easier once they felt “home” and a lot of them became more approachable.

The shelter might have any number of animals living at the shelter at one time, and sometimes, can even have up to 100 cats and dogs! They’ve only got 22 old chairs so far, but they hope that others will see the idea that they can give their old furniture a new life and help their local shelter pets!

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