“Thank You, Kind Stranger.” The Moment When One Man Becomes A Hero To Another.

Living on the streets is right up there on the lists of “the hardest thing a person might have to do in life.” It’s really close to the top. Not being able to land a job, not having a safe place to sleep at night, not knowing where your next meal is coming from, and being completely unsure of where your life is going is enough to drive anyone crazy.¬†

Even knowing that the homeless face all of that uncertainty on a daily basis, there are people who still look down on the homeless, as if there were on the streets by choice. But one man saw another who wasn’t wearing any shoes. It was cold outside, but he was sitting on his heavy coat instead of wearing it.


The¬†pictures were taken of a beautiful moment. At first, the man can’t believe the shoes are for him. He looks as if he’s just asking, “are you sure? Are you sure?!” Over and over again.3.2a2

He is overcome with happiness, and probably a lot of relief! I hope there are socks in that bag. He looks cold!


They don’t know each other. They have never met. They lead completely different lives and would probably never have crossed paths like this…but thanks for one guy’s kind-hearted gesture, a stranger has shoes in the cold weather, and another can walk away knowing that he did a good deed that will be remembered for a lifetime. And it’s a beautiful thing.

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