Terrifying Nail Art Is Actually Really Amazing…In The Creepiest Way Ever!

One Sunday morning, people checked their Twitter feed only to be horrified, disgusted, and probably a little sick. Artist Dain Yoon decided to take her illusion art to a new, incredible level by revealing her concept for “hair nails,” shocking her followers and instantly going viral.

While most of us struggle to use a bottle of nail polish and not get it all over our cuticles, skin, the table, and probably our other hand somehow, she’s managed to paint realistic self-portraits on each of her nails in a way that almost looks like she glued down actual pictures of her face. The added bonus is that the hair she added also takes the shape of long nails. Her followers instantly asked her to delete them before she started a horrifying nail art trend.We think it’s probably too late for that. You can expect to see more selfie-hair-nails in the future. Hopefully as a joke, and not on the barista fixing your coffee in the morning before work.

Fingers crossed!

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