Terrible Woman Humiliates A Waitress With Hearing Aids…The Manager EXPLODES When He Hears What She Says!

Maybe you have never had to deal with a rude customer before, but it’s just one of the unfortunate things you have to deal with when you work with the public. Most of the time, it’s possible to ignore the insults and the attitude in order to get on with your shift, but sometimes there is that one customer that crosses the line in a way that even theĀ managersĀ can no longer tolerate! This lady got a huge dose of reality, and I just feel like cheering!


Wow! This manager really put this woman in her place! He must have been really, REALLY angry to say all of that at once! What an incredible outburst! Some people have said that this story sounds far-fetched, but I have been in situations and personally seen managers who just can’t take the disrespect anymore. It’s an incredible thing when the person in charge is sticking up for you when a customer crosses the line. This story is amazing and I hope that the woman in this story reads it and never acts this way again! I feel better already, and it wasn’t even ME that the manager stood up for!

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