Tennis Player STOPS A Match In The Middle When He Notices A Frantic Mother Had Lost Her Child

Rafael Nadal was moving to serve during a doubles exhibition match when he suddenly stopped and looked toward the crowd. It was an important match against Carlos Moya and John McEnroe (two former world number ones) in Manacor, Mallorca. Nadal didn’t care. He stopped the game anyway, even though 7,000 people were in attendance. 9-29a20

He heard a woman’s voice describing her missing daughter to a security guard, but she could barely contain her fear, causing her to become more and more hysterical. When Nadal stopped and turned to the crowd, other members of the crowd realized what was happening and tried to help. The mother told them that the girl’s name was Clara, and soon she had an entire stadium looking for the little girl.

With everyone searching, little Clara was quickly spotted a short distance away and the two were reunited. The distraught child had wandered off and gotten lost but couldn’t see where to go with all of the people in the way.

When the crying child was finally hugged tightly by her mother, the crowd applauded, glad that everything had turned out alright. The players resumed the match after the crowd settled down and Nadal went on to win with his teammate, Simon Solbas.9-29a21

The match was a gift to his hometown, and Nadal allowed the audience free admission as a way to give back to the people who supported him. With so many families present, people are just glad that no other children wandered off that day!

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