Ten Years Ago, He Discovered THIS At The Bottom Of The Ocean. Now, It’s Worth Over $100 MILLION!

A man (who has chosen to remain anonymous) from the Philippines discovered this beastly pearl off the coast of Palawan Island. He had no idea that it would be worth so much, and instead, placed it under his bed in his run-down home as a good luck charm.

He was a fisherman, and one day during stormy weather, his anchor got stuck on the rocks below the ocean floor. It wasn’t an uncommon thing, so he swam underneath his boat to dislodge the anchor. He spotted it, but it was lodged in a huge clam shell. He pulled the anchor up and the shell came with it. Inside, this monstrous pearl surprised him, but he didn’t think that it would be worth anything so he kept it in his wooden home.8.23a14

But earlier this year, a fire on the property caused him to remove his belongings. He showed it to a local tourism officer in Puerto Princesca who was stunned and confirmed that it had come from a giant clam.

The pearl is 1 foot wide and 2.2 feet long and weighs 34 pounds, demolishing the old world record for the largest pearl ever found.

The small city hopes that the new world record will bring tourists in from around the world to see it. They are waiting for gemologists to confirm the exact dimensions and conditions of the pearl, but everyone involved is very excited about the discovery.


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