Teen’s Tweet To Help Her Dad Goes VIRAL And Accidentally Starts A New Business For Him

When Alexis’s dad got injured on the job, he thought it was the end. He had injured his spine and could barely move around, and he knew that getting another job again would likely be impossible. He survived on disability, but he knew that it wasn’t enough. To cope with the stress and pain, he began discovering new hobbies…and found that he actually had a passion for woodworking! His daughter snapped a few pictures of his favorite creations in the hopes that a couple of people might order from him. She hadn’t expected to wake up in the morning to over 7,000 messages from total strangers!

He was stunned! They quickly realized that people wanted all sorts of designs, custom creations, initials, and logos to decorate their homes and dorm rooms! They also realized that it would be impossible to handle the orders casually…and so he was able to start a serious business!

It was work, it was something that he could do, and best of all, it was a way to support his family without having to do painful labor that could make his injuries worse.

His hobby turned into a business overnight, and it was all thanks to his daughter’s spontaneous plea for help!

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