Teens Stole A Child’s Motorbike…But Had A Change Of Heart And Sent Him This Letter Instead

One Sunday morning, an 8-year-old boy woke up to discover that his dirt bike had been stolen off of the bike rack outside of his apartment. He was heartbroken, and his dad didn’t have a clue what to do next. The family decided that the best thing to do would be to ask Facebook. Dad’s girlfriend posted pictures of the bike to a local Facebook group, asking people to keep an eye out and explaining that the bike belonged to a young boy who had gotten the bike for Christmas.  

One week later, the Facebook post had spread far and wide…and apparently, was seen by the bike thieves. The next Sunday morning, the family was stunned.

The bike had been returned with a new bike lock, new oil, and a full tank of gas along with this note (transcribed below image).

Hello. Well we should start by saying sorry for stealing your son’s bike. Although not an excuse, me and my friend figured it would belong to some teenager who had outgrown it. When we read your Facebook post, we immediately knew we had to take it back to him.

We’ve bought him a new, more secure lock as the previous one was already broken. The keys are in with the bike. For the future take the keys inside with you. I know we aren’t really in a place to give you advice but the heartbreak your son must have felt upon discovering his bike missing should never be relived.

We have filled the tank and topped up the oil for him. Again we really are sorry for putting him through all this. We wish you two the best in your journeys riding and we hope you both can find it in your hearts to forgive us.

Ride on little man, you deserve it!

-Regretful teenagers who learned their lesson via restorative justice.”

They posted an update to the Facebook post and let the teens know that they had done the right thing by returning it.

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