Teen’s Empty Baby Shower Pic Leads To Thousands Of Dollars In Donations…But Was It REAL?!

Sometimes, people act faster than they should, as may have been proven in this case from Ohio. When Dorothy posted these pictures of her best friend’s lonely baby shower, she had no idea that the internet would band together in a matter of minutes to do something about it. She had been sitting in a private party room at the local Golden Corral with her friend, Chelsie, a 19-year-old mother-to-be, and was upset that no one had arrived. Dorothy claimed that “no one had come,” that out of the 70 people invited, only she and her boyfriend (and later, Chelsie’s aunt) had come to celebrate.

But the tweet (now deleted) went viral almost instantly. People felt bad for the pregnant teen and wanted to help, asking for Chelsie’s PayPal and Walmart gift registry information so that they could help. In a matter of hours, thousands of dollars had been donated by kind strangers and hundreds of gifts had been bought under the registry.But a local journalist wanted to write about the story, and that meant confirming the information. The journalist called the Golden Corral and spoke with a manager, who insisted that in fact, 12 to 15 people had eventually shown up to celebrate with the young mother.

But Holmes defended her tweet and her best friend, saying that at the time she posted the pictures, there hadn’t been anyone at the baby shower. That they had set up the room for 40 guests, but only a handful arrived.

Although people cancelled their gifts and took back their donations, many more say that they don’t mind helping out the single mother and are glad to help – even if it didn’t happen exactly as Chelsie’s friend said it did.

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