Teen’s Dad Picks Him Up From Last Day Of School Dressed As Michael Phelps!

To the sounds of honking car horns, laughter, and shouts of encouragement, Justin Beadles ran towards his son in nothing but a speedo, a swim cap, and fake Olympic medals as an end-of-year prank on his son, Jack. He ran across the lot shouting for his son, arms outstretched, trying his hardest to be hilarious. Dad is well known in the community as the local pastor with a sense of humor, and while everyone was tickled by his antics, no one was really all that surprised!

Jack walked back to the family car, laughing and embarrassed…but mostly plotting how to get back at his dad! This prank was going to be REALLY hard to top! After he saw the video his mom had taken, Jack posted it online for all of his friends to see. It quickly went viral!

He says that he just kept thinking, “I can’t believe you’re doing this right now,” but also admits that it was totally something his dad would do.

And even dad weighed in on the prank once it went viral:

I mean even if nobody had seen it, I’d do it a million times again just because it was so much fun seeing the look on a son who I love, just seeing his face and him looking at me and us knowing deep down inside like, ‘dad’s an idiot. But he’s also kind of okay,’ ” Dad said.

We can’t wait to see how Jack gets back at his dad!

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