Teen’s 6.5cm Nails Are Shocking, But Here’s Why She Thinks More People Should Try To Grow Their Nails

Simone Taylor didn’t realize that an attempt to grow out her nails would change the way she lives her everyday life.

It wasn’t my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments and they became more and more a part of me,” she said. “During my first year, I always thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna cut them tomorrow,’ but I never did.”

In early 2014, she decided to try painting her nails. She watched a few tutorials on YouTube and just never cut them again. It was fun to paint them and try out different designs. When they started to grow longer than a few centimeters, her life had to change to accommodate them.As a student, writing is painful – even an hour of taking notes or writing an essay causes a lot of pain. She can’t type, and instead has to use her knuckles to work a keyboard.

While her nails are strong enough not to break if they get caught in her hair or clothing, it still hurts to snag them on things.

It also takes hours to paint them – she applies two base coats, the designs, and a top coat – and over an hour to remove the polish later.
To maintain her manicure, she uses nail hardener and cuticle oil. To keep them clean, she uses a cotton swab underneath each nail every day. It can also get expensive, as she uses two bottles of polish remover each month, cuticle oil, and hand cream each month.

Keeping her normal routines isn’t difficult, such as brushing her teeth or using the restroom, but they do frequently get caught in her hair if she’s trying to wash it.

I hope I can inspire people, not only to grow their nails but also to keep doing their thing, even though not everyone might like it,” she added. “It’s important not to let other people bring you down because you look unusual. Differences make life interesting.”

And that’s pretty inspiring.

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