Teenager Jumps Into A Puddle For Bet… What Do You Think Happens?

Never trust a puddle, is the moral of this hilarious video. A group of friends pose a $1 bet – jump into the puddle and make a splash. Lakeem, the teenager who goes for it, was clueless what he was getting into. He charges for the water and gets completely submerged in a huge water-filled hole! The puddle was a lot deeper than any of them imagined and the gang gets lost into wild hysterics – in fact, the video gets funnier because of the full and resounding laugh of the guy who records it.

Lakeem almost drowns in front of Family Dollar and is bedraggled to the bones when he climbs from the massive hole of water. But all is good and the friends had a great time. It is truly the spontaneous moments like this that make up fantastic memories that lasts a lifetime. Go watch it with your friends and share a big laugh, too!

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