Teenage Tea Salesman Gains Modeling Contract After Someone Snapped This Candid Picture

While pouring tea during the Sunday Bazaar, an 18-year-old tea seller was caught staring into the camera during a candid moment by a photographer, and when it was uploaded to Twitter, people went nuts.

The photo was taken by Javeria Ali, who then uploaded it to Twitter, where followers and strangers shared it, in awe of the raw emotion and “piercing blue eyes” shown by the teen. In Pakistan, he is known simply as “chai wala,” or “tea seller,” but people were desperate to find him.

Within days, one of the biggest shopping sites in the area signed the teen, Arshad Khan, to be a model for their menswear collection.10-28a5Now, he is known as “fashion wala” among fans, and up until his sudden fame, had never heard of Twitter of Intagram, the platforms that had shared his pictures like wildfire. As soon as his picture went viral, his friends were showing him how many people were swooning over his blue eyes and serene expression.

Ali had no idea that her photograph would go viral. She posts many similar candid photographs daily and considered this one a casual post, submitting it with the simple description: Hot-tea 😉

As the third-oldest of 17 brothers and sisters, Khan wasn’t able to afford an education, and before his sudden fame, was making $5 per day by selling fruits and vegetables out of a hand cart. Now, he hopes to go to school and continue his career as a clothing model.


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