Teen Takes A Chance On A $1 Scratcher And Wins BIG!

Daniela was out at her local grocery store just picking up a few items when she decided to buy a cheap scratch-off ticket. The little scratchers rarely yielded very much, but they were fun and she had the extra cash…little did she know, that snap decision was about to change the rest of her life!

She decided to claim her prize in annual payments of $26,000 every year – guaranteed for the next 20 years. While there are a lot of details to sift through still regarding taxes and whatnot, people were shocked when they learned that she was just 18 years old. The odds of her choosing this ticker were 1 in 5.4 million, and that fact wasn’t lost on her! She’s got a lot of decisions to make in the coming years, but with a windfall like this, she’ll be able to do just about anything she wants!

It led to people dreaming about what they might do if they suddenly found themselves without debts to worry about…and probably led to more tickets being sold!

What would you do with $500 a week?

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