Teen Suspended For “Unnatural” Hair Color Even After She Corrected It!

Daisy Chavero’s story has many parents questioning their own school’s handbooks, and others questioning the school’s priorities.

Daisy keeps her hair a modern “auburn” shade of brown, which is perfectly fine according to the school’s handbook which states that students cannot wear “unnatural” hair colors. All along, parents thought this meant obvious colors like lime green or blue. It turns out that the school issued an addendum to the handbook by handing it out to the students and not their parents that said “artificial red hair of any kind is not permitted.”

But Daisy had worn the same hair color for a while, and when it began to grow out, her mother helped her touch up her roots. What happened next is baffling. The shade of red was a little too vibrant this time around, and Daisy was suspended and wouldn’t be allowed to attend her regular classes until it was back to normal.

So, mom dyed it a darker shade of brown, and Daisy was still not allowed back to class. But here is where it gets tricky…Daisy has a learning disability, and under federal law, is entitled to special education services. In the days that Daisy was kept from her regular classes and issued detentions, she wasn’t provided that education, violating her rights. Daisy has never been in trouble with the school before and felt betrayed.

I’ve never done anything wrong, I just painted my hair.┬áIt hurts me… I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said through tears in an interview. “I don’t think it’s fair.”

After the media ran wild with the story, the school reversed her suspension…but the damage had been done. Daisy no longer feels accepted by the school, and many parents are upset that the school continued to punish her after she attempted to adhere to the school’s rule in good faith.

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