Teen Purchases First Home For $12,000 And Transforms Her First Investment Property!

Willow Tufano bought her first home at the age of 14. Many adults can’t imagine having taken on such a responsibility at that age, but Willow has big dreams, and she isn’t about to let her age stop her from reaching them.

Willow’s mother is a real estate agent in Florida and allowed her daughter to help her clear out abandoned properties. Willow would go through the items left inside of homes and sell them online, sometimes fixing the damaged items to fetch a higher price.

Recently, her mother came across a foreclosure that was priced at just $12,000. It needed a lot of work, but it had a good foundation and the walls were sound. Fixed up, this home would normally be worth over $100,000, but in this state, it was not worth anything near that price.8.12a23Willow worked out a deal with her mother and put half of the money down, planning to pay her mother back by the time she turned 18. It wasn’t going to pass inspection any time soon, but Willow knew how much work it would take before she bought it. She wasn’t worried.8.12a24 She began working hard to clean it up and tear down the broken and rotten areas of the house. It was slow going at first because she had to fund each renovation as she sold items online. But luckily, Ellen heard about her story and donated $10,000 to her project!8.12a25 The home soon passed inspections and was once again livable. Instead of keeping the home for herself, she has decided to rent it out for $700 a month! And what did she do with this money?
8.12a27She has decided to continue her work and has purchased another home! She enjoyed transforming this house, and with the money she earns in rent every month, she will continue to take on new projects…all before the age of 18!

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