Teen Goes Viral After Telling Her Friends To Order This “Secret New Drink” At Starbucks

Having “secret menus” are a fun way for local shops to connect with their regulars, and some of the bigger chains have actual secret menus available after a quick Google search…but one high school student decided to use her local Starbuck’s “secret menu” to play a huge prank on her friends!She claims that it is one of her favorite things to do! She’ll order a large cup of ice and pour in brightly colored sports drinks – how else would you keep cool in the summer heat? – and send the pictures to her friends. But when they started asking if she was getting new drinks, she decided to go with it!

She made up a name and told them is was on the secret menu…when her friends went to order the same item, employees were understandably confused!

After posting the pictures on Twitter, they went viral and gained a lot of attention. Her secret was out, and even though it made her friends look gullible, others are hoping that Starbucks will join the prank by releasing an actual drink to mimic the picture!

As it turns out, there were still a lot of people who had no idea that Starbucks even had a secret menu!

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