Teen Breaks Down After A Prom Dress DISASTER From An Online Shop!

Now that prom season is winding down, the horror stories are surfacing from girls who ordered their dresses online. One such story will break your heart because she truly did not deserve to have her dreams crushed so viciously.

Lucy Hollamby had searched for a prom dress for days before stumbling across the dress of her dreams. It was an elegant blush colored gown that floated to the floor in luxurious chiffon and lace. Embroidered across the entire bodice and down the arms, the dress seemed as perfect as could be. The neckline was invisible and held the lace in place. For only £140, this was perfect!7.8a5

The website that she thought was based in the UK asked for her exact measurements and promised to custom make the gown in only a short time. If it doesn’t fit or comes in the wrong color, there would be no problem getting a refund or a different dress.

But when the package finally arrived, she knew that something was terribly wrong. Why did the dress have a stamp that said ‘CHINA’ in huge ink if the company was from the UK? She burst into tears when she saw what they had sent.

Her mother begged her to try on the “gown” and took pictures to document the terrible dress, all while Lucy cried. Lucy knew that there was no way she could wear it to prom.7.8a6

Since the website is obviously a scam, they have only offered a 5% refund because “the dress was custom made for your daughter,” completely ignoring their claim to issue refunds or correct mistakes. They have, however, offered to remake the dress at a 30% discount.

Yeah, no thank you. Lucy reached out to a friend who offered to make her a new dress, but it cost an additional £150.

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