Teen Attending College With Her 82-Year-Old Grandpa, Hearts Are Melting!

18-Year-Old Melanie Salazar wasn’t nervous about going to college this year…because she was going to be attending with her best friend: grandpa!

She decided to go to Palo Alto College in Texas to study…and joined Rene Neira in his studies!

He has been attending classes on and off since 1950, but he is determined to receive his degree. He put school off for many life events, including marriage and children. He has held several jobs throughout his life, but economics has always been his passion. And at the end of this semester, he’ll be walking away with his 2-year degree, hoping to apply to a larger university to continue his education.9.6a8

Outside of the classroom, everyone knows him as the man who loves to crack a joke. The life of the party, he makes friends as easy as breathing. But when it comes to studying, nothing can take his attention away from a book. He spends hours in the library, studying and focused on his assignments, determined to achieve his goals in life, regardless of his age.

While Melanie isn’t sure what she wants to do with the rest of her life, having her grandpa as a role model inspires her to try everything and keep at it, no matter how long it might take. His passion for life and learning is rubbing off on her, and she hopes to one day be as confident as he is in the direction of her life.


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