Teacher’s Experiment Shows Students Just How Important It Is To Wash Their Hands! (GROSS!)

Donna Gill Allen decided to share a fun experiment with her teacher friends after successfully teaching her class why they are supposed to wash their hands before every meal.

To show her students why they need to wash their hands, she came up with this really gross (and really cool!) experiment. Whenever they go to the restroom, play outside, or even touch a doorknob, they are picking up germs…and those germs can spread even when they can’t see them! This is all well and good, but for the kids to really understand the lesson, she came up with a fun way to show them!
She started with a sealed bag of bread. She took out one piece of bread using a glove and placed it into a new sandwich bag. She grabbed the second slice of bread after washing her hands with soap and water. The third piece of bread, she handed around the classroom, telling every student to touch the bread before placing it into its own bag.

Over time, the children were able to see how the dirty bread was being overrun by germs, and why washing their hands could keep them from catching nasty colds from one another.

She posted her experiment on Facebook, and it was shared over 70,000 times in just a month! Many people hoped that their friends and co-workers would take the lesson to heart…”kids aren’t the only ones who need a lesson!” One comment said.

Try this out with your kids at home!

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