Teacher Works For 70 Hours To Transform His ENTIRE Classroom Into “Hogwarts”

One teacher from Hillsboro, Oregon was fed up with the boring decor that had overrun the classrooms at Evergreen Middle School. The plain walls and stark white ceilings, not to mention the ghastly fluorescent lights, were enough to suck the life out of his learning environment. When school started this year, he had a magical idea and spent over 70 hours sprucing his classroom up to magical levels.
It started slowly. Last year, he incorporated a few items to give his old, smaller classroom a “magical” theme and his students absolutely loved it. This year, he took it all a step farther and decided to transform the entire room.

Kyle Hubler wasn’t a teacher who would let his students be bored. Even if they happened to “zone out” during a lesson, the decor in the room would keep them from being bored. The universe of Harry Potter had inspired him as a child, and he kept that wonder and curiosity for life into adulthood, pursuing a career in education to help other children do the same. Seeing the children’s faces as they walked through the door was worth it.

The reactions from the public are basically: “wow.”

He included hundreds of references to the books with each item that he included in the decorations. He purchased items from everywhere and anywhere, buying trinkets and odds and ends and really making his classroom feel as magical as possible.The small details were noticed by his students, who spent a lot of time investigating everything on display!

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