Teacher Threw 6-Year-Old’s Sandals In The GARBAGE And Made Her Walk Barefoot.

Taraji Edwards was messing with the strap on her sandal during math class and wasn’t paying much attention to the lessons. The strap was bothering her, and although the teacher told her several times to leave her shoes alone, she just couldn’t. (She is 6, after all.)

But what the teacher did as punishment is leaving parents in outrage. Instead of sending the student to the office, the teacher made Taraji take the sandals off so that she could toss them into the garbage can. She made Taraji walk around the classroom barefoot before letting the student retrieve her shoes back out of the garbage.

I feel embarrassed, and I did not like how she treated me… that’s not a way I can make friends.”


Mom says that the teacher’s behavior was malicious, and the fact that she “easily confessed” to her discipline method showed a flaw in her character.

Greenville County Schools is taking this family’s concerns very seriously. The district does not tolerate embarrassment or humiliation as a form of punishment.”

The school approved a home-bound teacher for a few weeks while they investigated, but until action has been taken against the teacher, mom admits that she doesn’t know if she will be sending her child back to the school. “I need to gain some trust.” She said honestly.

Until then, she has asked for help to send her child to private school instead. Taraji is too scared to go back to her old school, and mom doesn’t blame her one bit.


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