Teacher Sent This Note Home To Mom. Famous Nutritionist Weighs In With Incredible Come Back!

Kindergarten teachers strike again as one teacher sent this notice home in one of her students’ lunch pails.

The schools don’t provide hot lunches for students and expect busy working parents to shoulder the burden of packing balanced, nutritious, healthy lunches every day – but only if those lunches follow the school’s guidelines based on arbitrary ideals of what those lunches might be.

This mom packedĀ raisinsĀ inside of her daughter’s lunch as a part of her lunch. She got this note back and just couldn’t hold back her anger. The other items in her daughter’s lunchbox that day were “a sandwich roll, two boiled eggs, an orange, a kiwi, and a handful of raisins. She never has packaged food in her lunchbox or anything with refined sugars.”She posted the note on Facebook, and other parents were completely baffled. On the note, it even says that acceptable snacks are dried fruit – which is exactly what raisins are.

Kathryn Hawkins, a nutritionist, saw the note and had one strong message for schools: “IT HAS TO STOP!”

It is absolutely crazy and does nothing but upset and stress out already tired mums who are trying their best.
This note was because the mother had packed her child SULTANAS in the lunch box and the teacher thought they where too high in sugar. Seriously. Who decides this? And what right do they have?

In the case of Sultanas, here is the truth:
Sultanas and other dried fruit are a great snack for children.
1. They are high in fibre, potassium, and contain B1, B2 and other vitamins and minerals.
2. If your child enjoys sultanas and feels happy when eating them, then that is a great choice for them.
3. If you are a busy working household and grabbing a box of sultanas for the lunchbox makes it a bit easier for you, then it is a great choice for you.
4. You DO NOT have to feel one bit guilty for putting a box of sultanas in your childs lunch and you DO NOT have to ‘explain’ why.”

There you have it, straight from a nutritionist.

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