Teacher Sarcastically Tells Male Students To “Just Wear Skirts” Because Shorts Were Not Allowed

They did.

It began as a joke, but the male students at Isca Academy quickly realized the injustice of their school’s dress code. The heatwave in their city had temperatures soaring close to 90 degrees, and in a school without air conditioning or fans, this meant sweltering classrooms and made for a very uncomfortable day.

The uncommon weather had male students, whose dress code is to wear long pants and shoes with socks, asking if they might be able to wear shorts instead. When the head teacher told them no, they argued that their female classmates were able to wear skirts and teachers were allowed to wear dresses and sandals.

Not thinking that the boys would take her seriously, she flippantly told them to “wear skirts, then.” The next day, 5 male students showed up in uniform skirts borrowed from their sisters and friends. The day after, more male students joined them. The idea (and practicality) caught on, and over 60 male students had joined the movement over the next few days.

The teachers attempted to dissuade the boys from wearing skirts, but since the teacher had told them to wear skirts in the first place, the school couldn’t do much about it. One teacher even said that one boy was wearing a skirt that was “too short,” and that another’s legs were “too hair,” which led to some students protesting by shaving their legs instead of wearing long pants.

Parents hope that the school will realize that unusual weather should be taken into account and to just let the boys wear shorts.

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