Teacher Kicks Student Out Of School For Shaved Head. “Don’t Come Back Until You Have Hair!”

Kamryn Renfro was just 9 years old when she was kicked out of school. She hadn’t punched anyone or cheated on her exams, but the teacher acted as if the little girl’s actions were worthy of the worst punishment available.

You see, Kamryn’s best friend is Delany. Delany is 11 and was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which meant that she had to undergo chemotherapy. Due to her treatments, she has lost her hair not once, but twice. As a young girl, this was devastating. Kamryn saw her friend struggling and decided to shave her head in solidarity. The support meant a lot to Delany and her mother, who were honored that Kamryn had chosen to shave off all of her hair.7.22a2

Delany no longer felt so alone, and the adults in Kamryn’s life were proud of her decisions…except for the teachers at her school.

When Kamryn showed up to class ¬†after shaving her head, her teacher sent her home. “Don’t come back until you have hair,” she said. Kamryn was shocked, and Delany’s mother was furious. The little girl should have been praised, not punished! The angry woman posted the story on social media, where it quickly went viral. After a few news stations picked up the story, the school was shamed into letting Kamryn return before “she had hair.”

They apologized and¬†congratulated Kamryn’s dedication to her friend…after they had initially kicked her out. All thanks to social media!

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