Teacher FIRED After Correcting A Student’s Spelling On Twitter

Twitter is often used by school districts to make announcements or answer questions by parents and students with more convenience than a phone call or a visit to the school. While many companies use Twitter to make witty remarks and stay current with pop culture, this school decided that being “funny” wasn’t acceptable – even when everyone involved did.

Katie Nash was the Web Experience Coordinator for Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland until a witty tweet ended up costing her job.

The district was preparing for the possibility of a snow day. Immediately, students began tweeting at the school’s Twitter handle and begging for the day off! Nash responded to a particularly hilarious plea, correcting the spelling with a simple joke. The tweet took off, and everyone thought it was hilarious…well, everyone except the school board members.
While Nash thought it was a great way to engage the students informally, the school board told her to delete the tweet and gave her a letter from the district, informing her of her formal termination.

The district sent the Director of Communications, Community Engagement, and Marketing to apologize to the student who said he had no problem with the tweet. Parents have started a petition to give Nash her job back, wondering why a teacher would be fired for teaching, and wondering why the school overreacted when the student involved thought it was funny in the first place.

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