Taylor Swift “Crashed” A Fan’s Wedding, But The REAL Story Is Even More Incredible!

How often do pop stars crash the weddings of their fans? Not as often as they should! Taylor Swift showed up, unannounced, to the wedding of Kenya Smith and Max Singer one sunny Saturday in New Jersey. It was well-documented on social media, but the reason behind the pop star’s appearance is going viral!The couple danced their first dance to Swift’s laid back performance of “Blank Space,” which has an even sweeter message when you hear the story behind it!

The groom’s mother had passed away just months before, but the couple officially tied the knot in her hotel room to be sure that she wouldn’t miss her son’s wedding. Singer and his ailing mother danced to Swift’s “Blank Space” in the hospital room, and that is when his sister, Ali, decided to try something incredible.

She wrote a letter to Taylor Swift, explaining the situation and asked if she might come to the wedding. Swift agreed, and even offered to give a private performance!  She gave the couple a handmade gift. It was a watercolor artwork with the lyrics from her song “So it’s gonna be forever” and the date of their wedding.

While Singer’s mother couldn’t be there, the gesture from the star touched the couple, and the entire day was definitely one to remember. The seaside ceremony was captured in gorgeous pictures, and the star’s presence made each snapshot seem like it could be in a magazine! What would YOU do if your favorite artist showed up at your wedding out of the blue?

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