Tattoo Artist Pops A RISKY Question To His Girlfriend And COMPLETELY Shocks Her!

Tattoo artist, Vinny, knew that Brooke was the one for him, but he didn’t want to pop the big question in any of the traditional ways. There wouldn’t be a romantic dinner or candles or a walk on the beach under the moonlight: he was going to risk his skin by letting her answer with a tattoo!

They set it all up under the guise of her learning how to use the equipment on a blank space on her boyfriend’s thigh. They filmed it and got everything ready. She tied up her hair, put on her gloves, and put ink on the needle…

But when he lifted up his shorts, she found that the space he was going to let her practice on had already been taken by a shocking question!She could barely contain her excitement! He promised not to look and insisted that she mark down her answer in the riskiest way. She was going to mark ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as a tattoo on his thigh!Of course, she marked ‘yes’ and the happy couple celebrated this new milestone in their lives.

But people wanted to know how sure he was that she would accept his proposal…surely she wouldn’t have marked ‘no’ if she didn’t want to marry him…right?!

Would YOU have accepted this wild proposal? They’ve sure got a great story to tell!

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