Tattoo Artist Gains A Lot Of Hate When He Tattoos His Hairless Cat

Aleksandr, a Russian body artist is being heavily criticized after people realized that he was giving tattoos to a hairless Sphynx cat. He dosed the cat with anesthetics and gave it four tattoos while it lay there. The cat, Demon, was dosed high enough so that the cat would presumably be unable to feel the pain of the instruments…but he did admit that he may not have done the right thing.

Of course I feel pity for doing it to him. It’s not like he wanted to do it himself. He has a different skin, so tattoos are applied differently,” Aleksandr said. “I hope it is not too bad for him, it is not his first tattoo. Usually, he feels fine and recovers from the anesthesia pretty fast.”

Another local tattooist defended the artist’s move to tattoo the cat, proposing that farmers do the same thing to cattle when branding their livestock with hot irons.

But people are angry because the Sphynx breed has very delicate skin to begin with. Even small injuries can give them a lot of pain. The anesthesia used in this case is equally terrible for these cats because the chance that Demon could have died from being put under is roughly 50%.

While the drug does stop the cat from moving and dulls the pain, its brain is still awake and functioning. Animal activists are worried that if Aleksandr keeps this up, the cat will have a heart attack.

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