Target’s New Swimsuit Campaign Is Missing Something! Can You Spot It?

Many women dread the task of shopping for a new swimsuit, but Target is looking to make the process a lot easier by leaving out something that almost no other retailer goes without: Photoshop.

Women want to shop online, but seeing picture after picture of swimsuit models with perfect bodies makes them skeptical of how the suit will look on their own bodies once it actually arrives. In the end, many just don’t take the gamble at all…but after seeing the new swimsuit campaign launched by the retail giant, women have declared that they aren’t as nervous to shop online! Without heavy amounts of photoshop, women can see what a suit will look like on a wide variety of body types. From curvier to thinner, more women have commented that they are actually excited to shop for bathing suits this summer! Others are excited to see women similar to themselves modeling the swimwear.

It takes the pressure off of looking ‘perfect’ in a swimsuit.” One comment said.

The difference is refreshing.

It was important to us to use photography that represented their true beauty, without filters.” Target wrote.

Giving women a realistic image of what it means to be happy and confident isn’t a new concept, but publishing an entire ad campaign without using Photoshop to erase cellulite, stretch marks, and add artificial tans most certainly is!

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