Take The “Gingerbread House” Up A Notch This Year With Giant Cardboard Houses!

One family tradition that has lasted through the decades is the ever-delicious holiday Gingerbread Houses that get pasted together with sugar, icing, and yummy sweets! Sometimes, they last all season…and sometimes, they end up eaten shortly after they’ve been created! But one idea is taking the tradition on an exciting journey with cardboard, tinsel, and sometimes a little bit of magic!
These cardboard creations might not taste very good, but they certainly add a distinct level of “festive fun” to any room! Since kids in many parts of the country are stuck indoors during heavy snowfalls, giving them a secret place to play that isn’t underfoot is a wonderful idea for many families!Some of these creations are extremely detailed, and some are as simple as pie! There is a great tutorial here if this looks like something that would be fun for all of the kids crowding in at grandma’s come holiday time!

Have you ever built one of these before?! Does it beat the real thing? It may not be edible, but it sure is gorgeous!

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