Take Stunning Photos With Your Phone Using This ONE Easy Hack!

Photography is a tough trade to learn, but thanks to the internet, photographers are able to share their tips and “photo hacks” with the rest of us…and after you learn this one, you might never take pictures in the same way again!

When Matt Henry Wiebe shared his curious photo hack online, a lot of people were a little skeptical. ‘How can a regular ole’ phone take cool pictures? Don’t I need a fancy camera?’ The answer is no! As an example, he took this photograph of some grapes with his phone…and then used his hack to make it even cooler!

All he had to do was add a little water. Using a spray bottle, he misted a bit of water onto the things he was photographing and made them a lot more interesting. Did it make the photos better? Well, that’s up to the person looking at the photograph…but it certainly adds a different feeling to the pictures!

This picture of a rose is pretty epic after being misted with water!…Or, you know, onto people?

We’re not so sure about this one, but the model doesn’t look too annoyed so we assume it was all just fine!

Maybe don’t try this one without clearing it with your friends first though. 

Will you be trying out this hack, or is it just too much trouble?

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