Sydney’s Newest Ferry To Be Named After Viral Meme From 2016

Local governments often try to get their communities more involved, but residents in Sydney, Australia probably should have realized that asking the public an open-ended question to choose a name for a new ferry wasn’t a great idea. In the wake of Boaty McBoatface in the U.K., other public-naming suggestions have actually gone through with it.

An express train in Sweden was named Trainy McTrainface in early 2017, and a team at Sydney’s Warwick Farm racecourse named one of their horses Horsey McHorseface at the end of 2016. While Boaty McBoatface wasn’t accepted in the end (“deemed unsuitable”), the new Ferry’s name has been accepted.

Ferry McFerryface is just the next in line to fall prey to the viral joke, but officials are excited. If it makes people smile and get excited about a ferry, what’s the harm?

During the naming process, over 15,000 suggestions poured in by Australian residents, and Ferry McFerryface won in the end. Mostly, they decided to honor the choice “for the kids.” If a local ferry can make people happy just by sitting in the harbor, who are they to take that happiness away?

Once the announcement was made, some folks thought that it was “a disgrace to the fleet,” but others promised to find the ferry and take a selfie in front of it to promote tourism.

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