Sweet Couple Decided To Dance To The Music: “Dance Like No One Is Watching”

Jenny W. was on her way to pick up her daughter, who had spent the night with friends at a sleepover. It was a bit of a drive, and after an hour, they decided to stop at the Pualu’u Bakery to grab lunch. The eatery was hosting a live musician, and when he began to play Hawaiian music, Jenny noticed something heartwarming.

An older couple made their way nearer to the speakers and held each other tight, dancing to the music. They didn’t care about the people who might be watching or the fact that there wasn’t a place to dance – they only cared about being in each other’s arms.

Someone nearby mentioned that the couple had been married for 66 years.

When Jenny returned home, she told the story to her mother and showed her the picture she had taken. Her mother was about to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary later in the year and said something that Jenny just had to share with her friends:

You’ve gotta dance while you can.”

The reminder instantly inspired thousands, who sent the sweet photograph to their own families! It doesn’t matter what other people think – who cares if dancing in public seems out of the ordinary? This precious couple will have one more touching memory to look back on, and their bold actions have already encouraged others to take the moments as they come.

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