SUV Hit An Owl And Assumed It Had Died. A Few Miles Later, She Finds It Still Alive!

As an SUV drove through snow-covered Saskatchewan, the driver was sure that she’d killed the snowy owl that had darted in front of her vehicle. She had been able to see that it was an owl of some sort, but the impact had rattled the car and she thought for sure that it was dead. She kept driving until she got to the city and decided to check the damage that had been done…and instead, found the owl still there, trapped behind the grill!Suffering from concussions and a broken wing, the owl was taken to a wildlife center for treatment. His survival wasn’t guaranteed, but the fact that he had survived the accident showed that he was a fighter. They named him “Tahoe” and began the process of helping him recover.

His left wing was bandaged and he was monitored for two days before they declared that he would most likely survive the ordeal. His recovery time would take about six weeks, but they estimated that he would be up and flying soon.

As long as his vision returns to normal, he should be released and able to live out the rest of his life fully recovered!Under their care, he should be up to his normal activities in no time at all!

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