Susu The Cat Was Voted President Of Southampton University! Well, Honorary President.

Susu was a stray cat that was found on the campus one year, and never left. For nearly a decade, Susu has been a friend to every single student on campus. Staying out of politics, taking naps in the sun, eating cat treats and getting head scratches and belly rubs, Susu is living the dream. When it came time to vote for a new president, the students voted for the cat. As shocking as it was, the school decided to honor the decision and crown Susu as the honorary president!5.13a15

Susu is the perfect example of a student – naps, snacks, and wanting affection,” the student newspaper printed after the news was announced!

Susu won the vote at 176 votes to 86.5.13a16

Susu the Cat is already fulfilling an important duty by being detached from Union politics, thus providing stability and security which is greatly needed in the face of an ever-changing union.”

The cat initially found its way into the student union back in 2002. At first, Susu was too timid to come inside, but after a few months of being offered food and milk, Susu slowly began to trust the kind students. Susu became the school’s mascot, and was featured in the student paper as a campus favorite! The cat will serve the students well, and is sure to reign for a really long time!

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