Super Easy Pin Board Can Be Made In MINUTES! (Seconds, If You’re Brave!)

It’s a quick and easy cork board…but without the cork! By substituting cardboard, you can still hang notes, memos, or pictures with push pins! It’s isn’t as reusable, but it works in a pinch if you’re really craving a new look in your office or bedroom. It starts by cutting out a large section of cardboard. Hers is circular, but you can choose any shape that fits your room.

Lay the cardboard on top of any fabric that you like. (Make sure the right side is faced down!) Mark about an inch to two inches around your shape and cut away any excess fabric. Glue the fabric down with a hot glue gun. If you don’t want your fingers to touch the hot glue through the fabric, use a flat butter knife to press the fabric down over the glue. Attach a string to the back and hang it on a nail! It’s super easy and it looks great! You can use push pins or special pins to keep your notes all in one place. You can’t use it too many times in the same areas, but it’s a great idea for a quick makeover. Would you try this method out in your office? You can see more details and other projects like this one here!

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