Stuffed Animal Abandoned At A Gas Station Finally Makes His Way Home!

Thanks to this story about a missing pup named George, one family has finally been reunited with their lost pet!

After stopping to use the restroom, a mother discovered this worn old stuffed dog sitting on the sink. It was clearly loved, so she named him George and took a picture, sharing it online in the hopes that it would cross the newsfeed of the toy’s owner. Her post went viral as parents shared it. They knew the panic of losing young child’s favorite toy and hoped to reunite them as quickly as possible.

Her post also received a lot of criticism, saying that she was being selfish for keeping the stuffed toy instead of donating it…but she refused to give up hope.
Eventually, it worked! Two weeks after posting the image of George, she was contacted by the dog’s owner. It turns out, George’s real name is Pup Pup, and 4-year-old John had been missing him like crazy!

The two families met up after exchanging information, and Pup Pup is now safe and sound, returned home thanks to the thousands of people who shared his story online!

Something as small as picking up a kid’s toy in a bathroom became something huge and life altering for all of us. Be kind, people. Love each other. Do the right thing. Make good choices.” She wrote.

It’s good advice for everyone.

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